Slinking [verb]

Definition of Slinking:

creep by

Synonyms of Slinking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slinking:


Sentence/Example of Slinking:

And with the detective went a man whose gait was slinking, craven.

Mr. Beaufort followed them with a mortified and slinking air.

Mr Merdle was slinking about the hearthrug, waiting to welcome Mrs Sparkler.

His manner was smooth and humble, but very sly and slinking.

Behind them lurched another man, slinking in the background.

“Gladly,” says he, slinking off (to the sleeping-place) above the stove.

Slinking is one of the greatest pests to which a breeder is subjected.

He was cowering and slinking along as if he feared the most terrible punishment.

He was just slinking home when out came his father, the Squire's gardener.

The slaan women, drab with work, were slinking about unnoticed.