Slinks [verb]

Definition of Slinks:

creep by

Synonyms of Slinks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slinks:


Sentence/Example of Slinks:

It slinks and skulks away into corners and holes, like a poisoned rat.

As he slinks away in tears towards the arch, Brassbound enters.

Then he slinks out into the shadow of the huge paddle-box, a vanquished man.

He is so embarrassed that he slinks down in his seat and refuses to answer the call.

I would give much to learn who it is that slinks into his camp at night.

The result is that he slinks off in trepidation, and another vampire is baffled of her prey.

He slinks in and lights his pipe, smokes it silently, and slinks out again.

Even the jackal that slinks across the trail in front of us, droops and drags his tail in visible exhaustion.

He never shows himself boldly, but slinks about through the forest and among the rocks, the picture of stealth.

He slinks off with his broken arm, and you just dust your hands off and embrace your mother again.