Slipperiness [noun]

Definition of Slipperiness:


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Sentence/Example of Slipperiness:

But he did not take account of the slipperiness of the frosty, dead grass.

Their slipperiness is exhausted in the preliminary negotiations.

I was, therefore, a little apprehensive of danger from the slipperiness of the rope and the rock.

At nine the mercury was at 4° below zero, and the slipperiness was fearful.

What really is concluded is not the question, but the slipperiness of the man who argues.

For slipperiness and general hazards this road baffles description.

Thou wert always like a very popple for hardness, and smoothness, ay, and slipperiness.

The walnut was waxed to the last perfection of slipperiness, and not taking heed to my steps, my feet slipped up.

As I alighted from the train, I had almost come to the ground through the slipperiness of the platform, which was coated with ice.

The slipperiness of the metalled and paved roads in this part of Flanders increased my uneasiness.