Slippers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slippers:

The object of her solicitude entered in dressing-gown and slippers.

Here's a woman who came in in a nightgown and pair of slippers.

The proposal as to slippers was disregarded as beneath his notice.

He had his slippers on, and a loose bed-gown, and his throat was bare for his greater ease.

I finished your shirts this morning, dear; I'm going to begin on your slippers to-night.

The three other girls got into kimonos and slippers and prepared tea.

Her slippers and dressing gown were waiting for her before the fire.

Nevertheless he put on his trousers and slippers softly, and walked about on tiptoes.

Gervaise now shuffled along in her slippers, without caring a rap for anyone.

She was about to tell her to dress herself, when Lantier, in his trousers and slippers, rejoined her.