Slither [verb]

Definition of Slither:


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Sentence/Example of Slither:

If I see the Cat or the other one, I'll slither through their bones.

Slither it on good and thick and let it trickle down into the cracks.

"I can't stand things that scuttle and slither and crawl," said Ives.

It opened with a slither of wood and a rumble of sash weights.

We slither and slide to the bottom of the pit and gather fragments of steel.

The only alternative was to sit astride one of them and slither along shoreward, a few inches at a time.

Then came soft little thuds on the floor, a whimper or two, small sighs, and a slither of bare legs on bare boards.

You can slither pine-needles through your fingers as you discuss, too, and it helps you to think.

As it came nearer and nearer, my knees shook beneath me, and every moment I expected to see it slither to the ground.

Dan, with recollections of Anzac fresh upon him, remembered that slither of earth from those crump-holes on the left.