Slithering [verb]

Definition of Slithering:

creep by

Synonyms of Slithering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slithering:


Sentence/Example of Slithering:

A squeaking and slithering, now greater than ever, rose above all other sounds.

Now, what will that chap be doing there, slithering about over the water?

He heard the slithering sound of Lorenzo's sword being drawn.

Out of the silence came the slithering step of some one walking in the sand.

Dragging his pony to a slithering halt, he leaped to the ground.

Jaffery's mind went back to the Bedlam of the slithering cargo.

I pushed on through the clinging, maddening gumbo, slithering and sliding.

The grass grew slippery under the rain and the slithering feet; luck had its share.

From the water was slithering another creature with a gigantic, quivering, jelly body.

Again, a slithering bulk of something, undulating its path through the thickets.