Slob [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slob:

He's a big man and I'm a slob; but all of that doesn't seem to count with him.

Now it is "slob" mixed with snow born on the Newfoundland coast.

You were the one who thought this particular average man was a slob.

"You're a bossy sort of slob, Heslet Quillan," she said equably.

Pal Arthur is all very well, but at bossing a bit of a slob.

What are you talking nonsense—act like a slob, Mr. Trinkmann?

The packed "slob" was "running abroad," as the fisher-folk say.

The sandwich-man had been amiably told by Andrew Barrett, "Hold the pose, you slob!"

It had been an ideal costume to struggle through the slob ice.

It took an hour to break up the "slob" ice which had cemented about the ship.