Slobbering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slobbering:

If we go in all I ask is for God's sake let's keep our eyes open and not slobber around.

Merely to "slobber" over a book or a person is not one of my characteristics.

When she's in love, can she do anything but snivel and slobber?

But there was plenty of incentive to hurry and scamp and slobber and botch.

Why, education would teach a German not to slobber at his meals.

From another man it might have been just slobber, but Henry I. Dround meant it, every word.

Let the Feldpastoren slobber and welcome, say I, while they gild their slobbering with such devotion as this!

He felt the wretched man cover his hands with kisses, mumble, and slobber over them.

And you'd like me to follow those skinny old frumps and leggy, limp chits, that slobber and cry over that man!

Then I listens, and don't hear nothin' only a kina wallerin' noise an' a slobber like he was gulpin' mud.