Slogged [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slogged:

And they slogged and sloshed toward it, numb to all that was going on about them.

If you, reader, had been one of the hands, would you have slogged?

He slogged wildly at the first ball, missed it, and paid the penalty.

Young Thornton once slogged a hoff-ball through my winder as cost me two bob,—and I stood it with pleasure.

We just slogged through as best we were able, which wasn't really very good.

It was slow, hard work, and costly, but they slogged away until the German guns were silent.

Through that ghastly fourteen days we had slogged dully south away from Mons, ever getting nearer Paris.

Nights, Sundays and holidays I plugged and slogged, nor did I relent even when vacation time came round.

The bug skipped through mud where the Boltwoods' Gomez had slogged and rolled.

It was not for nothing we slogged away there day after day, learning to conquer disappointment and defeat.