Slogging [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slogging:

He had been slogging into it like a Trojan and had done quite a lot.

Let the infantry do the slogging through the mud; the brass-hats got the medals.

Her heart seemed by its slogging beat to be urging some argument upon her.

He'd have to do it every day after, that was certain, and Sturton might invite Harvey to give him a slogging.

She receives smashing blows, but she advances; it is a slogging fight, and not a scientific campaign.

His glance travelled to Potch, who was slogging at the cement stone again.

I'm surprised that you've been slogging away in London all through the stifling summer.

Once this slogging labor was under way Jason turned his attention to the crude mechanism that they were powering.

Outward-bound vessels crossed her track, lying over, and with their masts stripped for a slogging fight with the hard sou'wester.

They and their men were surprised but not disconcerted, and stood desperately to a slogging match at the closest quarters.