Slopes [noun]

Definition of Slopes:

slant, tilt

Synonyms of Slopes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slopes:

Sentence/Example of Slopes:

But the slopes were not over-steep, and I was able to get on pretty fast.

But I remember him, in an English setting, and on the slopes of English hills.

The Germans knew the exact range of every square foot of the slopes.

And now the sunlight raced down the slopes of the old mountains like a tide.

Close at hand vegetation appeared upon the slopes of the hills.

For the most part these slopes and walls are exceedingly hard to climb.

Its back was to the slopes that rose by marshy terraces to the hills.

The slopes of the knoll were bare, but there were a few trees on the summit.

To this spot the slopes both ways tend, and there they meet.

Can you name a street which is level, and one that slants or slopes?