Slopped [verb]

Definition of Slopped:

splash; make a mess

Synonyms of Slopped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slopped:

Sentence/Example of Slopped:

And now, if you don't want me to bleed to death get me out of this slop, and--yes,--easy!

It'll be bung full of women but it won't have a word of slop from beginning to end!

Do you remember how we swore that we would never have anything to do with Slop?

"I expect I ought to go back and start in on that slop diet again," says he.

In each of these cells was a narrow bedstead and a stone jug and slop bucket.

It was on the slop he had worn in the fight at the "Good Woman," and came only from the nose.

A cook in a white cap came to one port and threw some slop into the sea.

Fill carefully so as not to slop the sides, and serve at once.

Slop sinks have practically the same connections as the closets.

The use of the water-closet as a slop sink is not only legitimate but desirable.