Sloppiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sloppiness:

What if they were executed with care—and they were—and are not the results of sloppiness or inexperience?

If there was one thing he was intolerant of in his command, it was sloppiness.

Sloppiness and inefficiency, when these machines point to a high degree of neatness of mind.

Of course you'll call it sloppiness, and will read me a sermon about ‘destiny and discipline,’ if I know you.

Naturally then, the men felt contempt for the operation and their contempt was manifested in sloppiness.

In this age of sloppiness, sniff and snippets there is a lot of "literature" which should be tariffed off the face of the earth.

Did you think it went beyond that, this unkemptness or this sloppiness?

Mr. PAIN sometimes gives way to a touch or two of sentiment, but he abstains from sloppiness.

I told her in so many words that all this friendship of yours is nothing but a mutual pouring forth of sloppiness.

The weather had decided to change again, and gusts of sleet were being driven about, which added cold to sloppiness.