Sloshed [adjective]

Definition of Sloshed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sloshed:

Sentence/Example of Sloshed:

And so they sang, and banged their mugs and sloshed their frothy beverage.

He wakened O'Malley and they sloshed through the mud to their hut.

They sloshed across to the operations room and joined their flight.

He fished the fifth of gin out of his coat pocket and sloshed it.

And they slogged and sloshed toward it, numb to all that was going on about them.

We never saw such rain as fell that day we slithered and sloshed on the rugged slopes that tumble down to the Rhine at Basel.

His thoughts were far inside the earth as he dipped the jug into the clear cool water and sloshed it full.

When the water grew quite black, he opened the door, swept it outside and sloshed fresh water upon the grimy boards.

The wind was colder now, cold enough to hurt, and he took her hand and sloshed recklessly for the shore.

He sloshed into the muddy sea bottom, stumbling at first from the heavy water resistance and hardly able to see anything.