Slothful [adjective]

Definition of Slothful:


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Sentence/Example of Slothful:

Will they not necessarily be slothful, if you are silent and sleep?

But on this morning there is no slothful skulking in the arms of Morpheus.

Many there were who were slothful, and many were afraid; but the most disbelieved it wholly.

I repel the imputation that our race, as a class, is lazy and slothful.

It is not only the body that, unchecked, is inclined to be slothful.

The Diacony managers were slothful in business, and the Diaconies ceased to pay.

They are very likely not base, but only apathetic, slothful, or very tired.

It needed no persuasion to put the most slothful of the crew upon their mettle.

This is what Adèle used to do, but I nipped this slothful tendency in the bud.

In what realm does slothful belong, and what does it denote?