Slothfulness [noun]

Definition of Slothfulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slothfulness:

Sentence/Example of Slothfulness:

Speedily he relapsed again into slothfulness and self-indulgence.

It must be the fruit of our own mismanagement or slothfulness or vices.

It furnishes constant temptation to slothfulness and inactivity.

All that resulted was the renewal of slothfulness, prodigality, and killing.

When we do it to gratify our slothfulness, or to cover our wilful ignorance and disability.

Slothfulness is condemned even by the feeblest of all the creatures.

In Thee is no carelessness, neglect, slothfulness, nor caprice.

With all his slothfulness he was shrewd, and could drive a better bargain than many men twice as active in mind and body.

Short, weak, crooked and black-coloured nails show deceit and slothfulness.

The coffee was eloquent of the fact; the slothfulness of the bunk house shouted it in his ears.