Slotted [verb]

Definition of Slotted:

signify, display

Synonyms of Slotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slotted:

Sentence/Example of Slotted:

But, inasmuch as both of them were slotted, they wouldn't join.

These washers, as put on the market, comprise a slotted rotating drum, which tumbles the potatoes about and loosens the dirt.

The slotted ceiling opened as McGuire watched, and the whole structure swung slowly around.

The moon-disk is also slotted, so a small amount of motion is possible to it along the stick or bar.

The whole is then fixed in a piece of light copper tube, which is slotted by means of a hack saw or fret saw to receive them.

The cutters are inserted in slots or grooves in the face of the disk and they are held by slotted clamping posts.

The rear boiler bracket (fig. 18) is slotted so that the spring hanger may pass through for its connection with the frame.

The front flange of this device or gage may be slotted and fastened to the table by a thumbscrew.

Two pails of water flanked this rack, in each of which had been thrust a slotted hickory "wiper" threaded with a square of cloth.

The end opposite to that to which the hub is pivoted is whittled round, and slotted with a saw to receive a tail (Fig. 8).