Slouchy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Slouchy:

He was a heavy-set, slouchy man in jeans, broad-shouldered and bowlegged.

Can the Yankee regiments with their slouchy Dutchmen hope to capture it!

It's the slouchy horse that breaks his kind owner's neck some day.

Evariste, slim and slouchy, was waiting for his daughter in the cabin door.

Off the stage—and I have never seen them on—they are tired and slouchy and easy-going.

He is at most times a day-laborer, slouchy in his bearing and slovenly in his dress.

There is nothing haphazard or slouchy about the way they go about it.

"You are getting entirely too slouchy," she mumbled, a pin in her mouth.

Duane looked him over, from dusty, worn-out boots to his slouchy sombrero.

It is saucy, and slouchy and independent, individually, as rag wearers are apt to be the world over.