Slowly [adverb]

Definition of Slowly:


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Sentence/Example of Slowly:

Slowly and reluctantly, the sailors took their places, for Robert was a favorite with them.

We went back and found Taylor's mare, and brought her slowly to camp.

They all descended from the hill and came on slowly towards us.

"Miss Ward's case has not yet been settled," she said slowly.

After twilight fell, she slowly walked the length of the Street.

But, in truth, it did surprise her to see how slowly and painfully he walked as he left her.

"You ought to have spoken of it earlier in the day," he went on slowly.

Yates rose to his feet with some deliberation, and slowly took off his coat.

"You ought to see the whole house," Milly whispered, as we were slowly ascending.

The nave was slowly filled, the men being at the right and the women at the left.