Slowness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slowness:

The only thing at which she wondered was the slowness of the working of the marvel.

His slowness was partly assumed; his indifference was a mere habit.

Occasionally he muttered impatiently to himself at the slowness of his progress.

Perhaps so; only his slowness is marked with blood and disasters.

The taxi gave no opportunity for complaint as far as slowness was concerned.

And that which is done with swiftness is done swiftly, and that which is done with slowness, slowly?

I tell you that you are slaying the commonweal by your slowness and circumspection.

His slowness in replying moved her to seek an answer in his face.

He had often been laughed at for his slowness, but this time it was well for him that he was slow!

He was not voluble in conversation, and he was himself aware of his own slowness.