Slue [verb]

Definition of Slue:

slide against will

Synonyms of Slue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slue:


Sentence/Example of Slue:

In which towne he slue the bishop, bicause he was a Burgognian.

The man that's doing the double crossing is Slue Foot Magee.

It was Slue Foot, and he brought 'em a grub stake and some blankets.

We want to make as good a showin' as we kin this year, Slue Foot.

"You don't need to say anything about this to Slue Foot," cautioned the boy.

Slue Foot glowered: "An' what if I've changed my mind about lettin' ye in?"

Matthew Westmonasteriensis writeth, that Porrex deuising waies to kill Ferrex, atchiued his purpose and slue him.

Arthur informed heereof, with all sped hasted thither, and giuing the enimies battell, slue the most part of Cheldrikes men.

Which disaduantage notwithstanding, they slue a great number of the Danes, Hubba slaine.

The theefe was hewen in peces by the kings seruants, but yet he slue and hurt diuers before they could dispatch him.