Slugger [noun]

Definition of Slugger:

person engaged in hostile encounter

Synonyms of Slugger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slugger:

Sentence/Example of Slugger:

The shot fired by the Slugger had gone wide, narrowly missing him.

"And anyhow, we're not here for that purpose now," Slugger Brown had observed.

"I don't know as that is any of your business, Slugger," he replied coldly.

"They may have seen Slugger and Nappy, or else they may have some news for us," he said.

Oh, well, Slugger, you must remember that my dad has quite a bunch of money.

"Take your handkerchief and wipe your hands off," advised Slugger Brown.

For Slugger had been used as a substitute in the third and fourth quarters.

"Then that's our chance, Slugger," went on the boy from New York.

"Say, this isn't any of your fight," put in Slugger Brown, uglily.

Slugger, too, was hurt over what the girls had said about his meanness.