Sluiced [verb]

Definition of Sluiced:

be or make flowing

Synonyms of Sluiced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sluiced:

Sentence/Example of Sluiced:

As the water was sluiced over them they would rub and scrub each other.

He gathered barks and sluiced roots on the raft in the lake, for her.

Up here in the Black Hills it sluiced rain most intolerably.

So he dashed his forearm into his face, and sluiced his teeth in that.

Now they sluiced one another down with the hose, and gladly slipped on their spruce shore-going togs.

In the shed they sluiced each other with pails of water, had a rub down and got into their dressing gowns.

He will not survive it above a month, unless his accumulation of ideas be sluiced off in some other way.

Mitsos poured a draught of it down his throat and sluiced his head, whereat Yanni looked up and smiled at him.

Ground that was panned and sluiced by the individual miner is now being again profitably worked by modern methods.

Noll himself filled a bucket and sluiced the man, and drove him below with curses.