Slumberous [adjective]

Definition of Slumberous:


Synonyms of Slumberous:

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Sentence/Example of Slumberous:

The slumberous pup was on its feet standing alertly defiant.

The village was taking her back into its slumberous comfortableness.

There is a slumberous Southern fire in the Mexican girls' eyes and love.

It was a neighbor, stopping his slumberous horse to leave a letter.

If the War Office was too lively, this place was too slumberous by half.

But his thoughts were gradually getting too busy for this slumberous state.

Her spirit, lulled by a slumberous sweetness, was sentimentally inclined.

Thus, we looked upon the face of the slumberous deeps, and were alone.

Facts are the poorest and most slumberous evidences of passion or of affection.

Through the slumberous summer air came the whir of the machine.