Slumped [verb]

Definition of Slumped:

decline, sink

Synonyms of Slumped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slumped:

Sentence/Example of Slumped:

Jim got the first glimpse, and slumped down on the locker sick.

A man in the stern of the dinghy groaned, and slumped down into the bottom.

They both sighed deeply and slumped over on the ground to rest.

There was a muffled crack and he slumped to the platform grating.

"Eleven-C," said Beardsley, and slumped into the pneumo-chair.

The crockery was heterogeneous, and was slumped under colour-headings.

He surveyed her slumped figure, her lined and listless face.

Before I was done Jim Edwards had groped over to a chair and slumped into it.

She just slumped into her corner and switched on the boo-hoos like a girl that's been kept after school.

They sat or slumped against the furniture, waiting for my conclusions.