Slums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slums:

I have explored its large and little streets, its stateliness and its slums.

He had worked and eaten and slept in their holes, he had ranged the slums of all the seas.

Reports were read of visits to factories, shops, slums, and dockyards.

They'll answer, 'If you lived in these slums you would drink too.'

There, too, are natives of the same type from the slums of our cities.

“He told me that he won his way up out of the––the slums,” said Isobel.

They have passed through the slums of literature and of the East Side of Gotham.

When it rains the whole refuse of the upper town streams into the slums.

We've got to get down into the slums a bit if we find what I want.

Therefore, the logical place to look for subversion is in the slums.