Slunk [verb]

Definition of Slunk:

creep by

Synonyms of Slunk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slunk:


Sentence/Example of Slunk:

He rose to his feet, muttered something about his time coming, and slunk out.

He shut his eyes twice, and slunk sullenly back to his place.

After tea I slunk away to the nursery, and sat staring into the fire.

White Fang slunk into camp one evening and dropped down with a sigh of content.

I will not say that he slunk in, but there was an unaccustomed diffidence in his bearing.

For a few hours he slunk from store to store, buying necessaries for his trip.

Job, still ornamented with remnants of the fly paper, slunk at his heels.

Garth listened in silence, and then slunk off doggedly to the smithy.

Pitt reassured him, and slunk off back to his own hut and the straw that served him for a bed.

Cornelius slunk past dejectedly in the direction of the river.