Slur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slur:

He had not forgotten the slur of the captain and had spirit enough to resent it.

The face of the American flushed at the slur, but he held himself in hand.

There was the slur of Flagg about his slack efficiency in meeting the schemes of Craig.

"Your words are hardly worthy of you, Fred," replied Jack, hurt at the slur.

In one case, where Mark has a slur on physicians, Luke eliminates it.

Miss Milliken bridled reproachfully at this slur on her sex.

Yet the slur upon her identity could always 276hurt Nancy Nelson.

You've thrown a slur upon her which people will never forget.

No blame can be attached to Columbus, no slur can be cast on his fair fame.

You did not intend to cast a slur upon the idea of competition?