Slurred [verb]

Definition of Slurred:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slurred:

Sentence/Example of Slurred:

"Say, you fellows down there," he cried in the smooth, slurred Ganymedan speech.

Hitherto Meg's experience had been that it was a thing to be slurred over, like a deformity.

The words were not slurred, but they were in a language Gefty didn't know.

Reed slurred over most of the details of the accident, even now.

The preacher must have slurred that, and got on quickly to the wings of the dove.

They dressed in furs and spoke a slurred and broken language, at least Naxa did.

His words were slurred, almost as if he wanted to disown them.

Slurred spiccato is very useful as a relief to the staccato proper.

Would it have been possible to have concealed and slurred over our failures?

You seem to have slurred over all the details of this part of the panorama, Herbert.