Slurring [verb]

Definition of Slurring:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slurring:

Sentence/Example of Slurring:

Whatever Chip did he did thoroughly, with no slurring of detail.

He articulated with some difficulty, slurring his words to the point of indistinctness at times.

"You were slurring again, slurring again," he said, frightened at his lack of self-control.

Gregory smiled at her slurring reference to Hawkins' two friends.

Grant tried to copy the slurring softness she gave to the word.

Then he took a run down the scale, slurring one note into the other.

There is no connivance, no palliation, no slurring over, no indifference.

Where had he heard that faint lisp, that slurring of the sibilants?

No slurring of wrong so that it may look like an exalted right.

"Well, so did I," the Pilgrim began eagerly, with just the least slurring of his syllables.