Slushy [adjective]

Definition of Slushy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slushy:


Sentence/Example of Slushy:

They was in a clove hitch again and whisperin' soft and slushy.

"And very unsuitable for a walk on a cold, slushy winter day," he added.

I'd hate to have her think I was gettin' slushy or sentimental.

Outside it's wet and slushy—just the kind of weather that breeds disease.

Then they trooped aft, clawing their way along the slushy decks.

The decks are wet, the housing dripping, the snow adhesive and slushy.

"Tono-Bungay" had for a companion a slushy novel by Garvice—and on them all was dust.

Nothing, it may be added, is so annoying in this book as its slushy dilettantism.

The prince flushed a darker red and hushed the slushy accompaniment.

In that slushy book I read the girl ought to have been shook.