Sly [adjective]

Definition of Sly:

clever, devious

Opposite/Antonyms of Sly:

Sentence/Example of Sly:

"Let them sleep in the bed of honor," said the Princess Medea, with a sly smile at Jason.

The sly, wicked Mimi came slinking to the place where the dragon lay.

I know her sly manner of feeling her way with those gloves of hers.

The faces seemed to have but one smile, conscious, sly, a little alarmed.

But I had only to open my lips to speak, and away she would run, with a sly smile.

You have to visit your disreputable cousin on the sly, have you?

All the sly blabbing, all the vague chatter of sacristies resounded in his ears.

What a sly devil I was to stow that treasure away for a rainy day!

“Yes; the same hands,” with a sly smile at his own private joke.

Crawford had written that this photograph, too, had been taken on the sly.