Slyness [noun]

Definition of Slyness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slyness:

Sentence/Example of Slyness:

We shall learn if slyness and treachery are to be defeated by fair-going and honour.

It was like a child, frightened into slyness, coaxing its mother.

He combines the ferocity of the tiger, the slyness of the fox, and the shape of a monkey.

She had read him and was openly rejoicing in what she thought his slyness.

Now, however, the diabolical reason of his slyness was apparent.

She had been steeped in slyness from her early infancy by a sly mother.

Beauchamp was not insensible to the slyness of the poke at him.

And some, like Florence, move with the slyness and softness of a cat.

For general reason, frankness is not a better quality than slyness.

I should like to know what you think of yourself now with your slyness and deceit?