Smacks [adverb]

Definition of Smacks:

directly, exactly

Synonyms of Smacks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smacks:

Sentence/Example of Smacks:

My eyes ached and my lips prinkled with the smack of the powder.

The deck of the smack below promised to mash the American into a pulp.

She called him her "slapjack" and would tell him to come and have his smack!

It's wrong of them to smack her, for she will never put up with it.

I can't; last time I saw him he said when he caught me again he'd smack my head.

All at once he dropped his umbrella and struck one hand into the palm of the other with a smack.

After leaving the mill at Sulby, Pete made his home in the cabin of the smack.

I've talked to you before, but this time I'm going to smack you bow-legged.

Catch answered that Smack and he had been fighting, and that Smack had broken his leg.

The smack had put to in a little bay, where the water was quiet.