Smallish [adjective]

Definition of Smallish:


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Sentence/Example of Smallish:

His feet were in rough muddy brogans, but even so they were smallish and shapely.

Bob thought it was a smallish island with little bushes on it.

I saw a child, a little girl, smallish and thin; a priest was with her.

Ahead of him was a smallish shed, perhaps at one time the office.

He is a smallish chap, good-looking, with hands and feet like a woman's.

He was a smallish man, bald and with what are sometimes called pop-eyes.

A smallish dog—sometimes too small, I think—brindle and white.

On his head was a smallish cap, growing narrow toward the top.

I remember it was a smallish stone about the size of a hen's egg.

He was a smallish man, and thin, and didn't wear no hair on his face.