Smarting [adjective]

Definition of Smarting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Smarting:

Sentence/Example of Smarting:

His hand was smarting as though struck with the lash of a whip.

For a quarter of an hour he thus kept her smarting and trembling.

For Audrey, smarting from Wyndham's insult, it was the flick of the lash in her face.

They cannot move their dead cats while smarting 'neath the cruel English yoke.

"No, Sir," said Grenfell, smarting under the sting of what he felt to be an insult.

Will she be able to conceal the smarting pain she felt at that moment?

I know that Pomeroff has been smarting under the insult ever since.

Her cheeks were red and smarting from the blows she had received.

But in these cases the pain should be more of the smarting, than of the dull kind.

At length I ceased, half-shamed but still angry and smarting sorely.