Smarty [noun]

Definition of Smarty:

smart aleck

Synonyms of Smarty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smarty:


Sentence/Example of Smarty:

I was a smarty kid, And they were less frequent then than later.

I'll lay for you, my smarty; and if I catch you about that school I'll tan you good.

So all she got for her smarty business was just a handful of hair or two.

Such a smarty, sitting there and letting on she knew anything about boys!

Well, smarty, what is there to be done, asked Garry a trifle hotly.

Got taken up that time pretty short, didnt you, Miss Smarty?

I pulled out my knife, and severing the line at my wrist, walked away, looking for some one to introduce me to Smarty Mellor.

He is quaintly conscious of his mirth-provoking powers, much as a child playing “smarty.”

"No, we've got straw pie for you, Mr. Smarty," called out Alice Strobell.

Well, I'll bet you can't get a chicken out of our barn 'thout our Dog gettin' you, Mr. Smarty.