Smashed [adjective]

Definition of Smashed:


Synonyms of Smashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smashed:


Sentence/Example of Smashed:

And the hands of the other grappled at his wrists, smashed into his face.

Raising his arm for a fresh stroke, his wrist was smashed by a bullet.

Now and then a house was smashed in and often the shells found victims.

Smashed by a cask of sugar, and six poor children—oh dear, dear, dear!'

There may be magnificence in the smashing; but the thing is smashed.

After you left, it just dawned upon me that I was the one who smashed the chair.

It was locked to be sure, but at the instant Dan saw him, he raised his fist and smashed it.

On the floor around it were fragments of smashed glasses and bloody stains.

There was one flashing glimpse of conning tower, smashed plates.

It is true the German line had been smashed, but it had not fallen back.