Smattering [noun]

Definition of Smattering:

small amount

Synonyms of Smattering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smattering:


Sentence/Example of Smattering:

He had a smattering of most things, this uncle, especially the vocabularies.

I had, therefore, only a smattering knowledge of the theory of this duty.

Then, again, he must have a smattering of French, and affect to be above old England.

A smattering of English Literature, and less than a smattering of French.

To buy them wisely, a smattering of their history is a requisite.

His smattering of legal knowledge was sufficient to enable him to accept the job.

In six weeks Will had quite a smattering of the Sioux tongue.

Those who had found mensa too much for them came to me to get a smattering of grammar.

A Canadian who had picked up a smattering of German acted as interpreter.

The boy has a smattering of English and French, and says he has been at school.