Smeared [verb]

Definition of Smeared:

rub on, spread over

Synonyms of Smeared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smeared:

Sentence/Example of Smeared:

He was blacker than I was; all smeared with grease and stripped to his waist.

His cap had gone, and his fiery red hair was smeared with mud.

When you gave my daughter a fish, you gave it smeared all over with mud.

They concluded by licking the porringers, and were smeared with soup up to their eyes.

Both were stained and smeared with grease; they were amply large.

His face was bruised and cut, and dry blood was smeared all round his mouth.

Further, that a pocket-book found in his possession was smeared with blood.

John saw that his face was smeared crimson from the cut on his head.

As Grell did so he smeared the tips of the fingers of the right hand with ink.

He picked up a handful of dirt and smeared it over his face.