Smeary [adjective]

Definition of Smeary:

fatty, greasy

Synonyms of Smeary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smeary:



Sentence/Example of Smeary:

There was a smeary wetness on his fingers, which he wiped away on the side of his trousers.

Winnie's small, pointed face was haggard and smeary with tears.

Care should be taken not to breathe on the glass, or a damp, smeary effect may result.

Light was that gray ugliness that precedes the smeary glare of dawn on Venus.

On the table which was shining wet and smeary with soap, stood a huge basin.

What did they care for dust on the books and smeary window panes?

Elizabeth cried, coming around to them, and extending a smeary, dripping hand for the taut rein.

But there is nothing better to turn to—moldy walls picked at and peeling, smeary stains on a colorless floor.

She bought in all his really good pictures—dreary landscapes of the Smeary School!

My interest in Smeary Street is entirely associated with my daily meals, which are publicly paraded all day long on the pavement.