Smell [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Smell:

Then came smoke, the smell of scorching linen, and a cry of horror from Celine.

For in those days men could smell weather quite as well as the other animals.

There was a smell of cooking, and the people gathering between the huts.

He could smell Indians in hiding and wood smoke three leagues away.

But Colley ain't no good on Diablo, an' if he can smell Shandy, that settles it—it's all over.

The dripping of water reached the ear; the smell of dampness the nostrils.

"I was thinking less of their leanness than of their smell," I returned.

And, as sure as I'm a half-starved vagabond, I smell roast meat in it.

The smell of burning flesh was in the air, and horrid shrieks.

How would they ever get the smell of the smoke of that sacrifice out of their nostrils?