Smelting [noun]

Definition of Smelting:

melding; mixture

Synonyms of Smelting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smelting:

Sentence/Example of Smelting:

We can mill it ourselves, and not have to pay tribute to the Smelting Trust.

It is dumped into freight cars and trundled off to the smelting furnaces.

First of all, even before it goes into the smelting furnace, it must be roasted.

After the ore has been roasted, it is put into the furnace for smelting.

In Jo Daviess county are eight or ten furnaces for smelting lead.

The growth of smelting in India, China and Australia illustrates this tendency.

The output is controlled entirely by British smelting interests.

For the very essence of love is the smelting of the will of the lover into the will of the beloved.

The process of smelting iron from the ore is well known to them; and their cast ware of this metal is remarkably thin and light.

Smelting should be done on a large scale, and in a centre of large business.