Smiles [verb]

Definition of Smiles:

put on a happy expression

Synonyms of Smiles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smiles:



Sentence/Example of Smiles:

For Saffy, she was a thing of smiles and of tears just as they chose to come.

See how pleased she is--how full of smiles and happiness she seems.

The smiles which surrounded him were of his own creation, and he participated in the happiness he had bestowed.

She could distribute, and did distribute pretty looks and smiles to every one among them.

Lady Coryston's smiles were scarcely less formidable than her frowns.

Smiles were upon his lips, and a gentle motion shook his frame.

One smiles as one reads the delicate sketches of Miss Jewett.

Monsieur Jules understood and withdrew with more bows and smiles.

"Oh, that will do excellently," said Lady Cecily, all smiles again.

Bright were the smiles under the spreading tent of the glade.