Smilingly [adverb]

Definition of Smilingly:

with joy, pleasure

Opposite/Antonyms of Smilingly:

Sentence/Example of Smilingly:

Once or twice he had gaspingly tried to stop her, but smilingly she had waved him aside.

Arthur seized his hat and whip, and glanced to his mother and uncle, smilingly.

"Oh, but they are not all of Philadelphia——" He left the sentence, smilingly.

When I had hinted at coming to see her she had smilingly put me off.

And when she went in to make him stop working he smilingly told her to leave him alone.

"You will see, presently, the punishment of Liane," she said smilingly.

Liane looked up at Hendricks, smilingly, and took one of his hands in hers.

She came in and said smilingly that she was going to ask a favor of me.

“But there are breathing-spells,” interrupted Miss Willis, smilingly.

She smilingly stepped over it; to her the color was a pleasant omen.