Smirch [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Smirch:

One could never detect a smirch or a grain of dust upon them.

Every time he looked at me 'twas as if he saw a smirch on his escutcheon.

Nothing is too fine for some devils to appropriate and––smirch.

He can soil it, but except himself the whole world cannot smirch it.

"I thought the Smirch Society had staked out that claim," said Cam.

The smirch upon the regiment was likewise a smirch upon that blood and name.

Every hand but his was black with soot, and his was guiltless of the smirch of Hooniah's pot.

His will was a scandal, and the horror did not only smirch his good name, it reached to hers.

It was a foul deed to seek to shame me in this ugly fashion, and to smirch the honour of the Queen.

After the trial I saw Holker and asked him if he had been helping to smirch any more poor artists.