Smiths [noun]

Definition of Smiths:

skilled person

Synonyms of Smiths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smiths:

Sentence/Example of Smiths:

From that time, therefore, Captain Rushton was known as Mr. Smith.

Captain Smith he found to be a very different man from Captain Haley.

"You are very kind, Captain Smith," said Robert, gratefully.

Haley drew near, and heard Captain Rushton addressed as Mr. Smith.

Smith says he has got something to do with every one of the stocks.

I no longer doubted the statement of Thompson and the speculator Smith.

"Spoils the hoof to put the knife on the sole, Buck," said the smith.

All were killed but one man and Smith, and they were made prisoners.

I expect Mr. Smith here by six o'clock; will you remain with me and see him?

It is Ana, the daughter of Manuel, who works in the smith's shop.