Smiting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Smiting:

Here is a knave of a friar calleth me a mad priest, and yet I smite him not.

If he break the law, any citizen not less than thirty years of age may smite him.

The kiss seemed to Israel to smite his own cheeks like a blow.

The strength of the Prophet is within him thus to smite the unbelieving pigs.

Seuthes, turning to the boy, asked, "Shall I smite him instead of you?"

When Lionel saw this, he alighted from his horse to smite off his head.

Frost draws near, intending “to smite her and to freeze her to death.”

I expected Lorand to smite that fair mouth for this despicable calumny.

This action, ku'i, to smite, gave the name to the performance.

Ku'i (ku'i)--to smite; to beat; the name of a hula (p. 250).