Smitten [adjective]

Definition of Smitten:


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Sentence/Example of Smitten:

The unhappy woman, to whom I had specially come, was smitten indeed.

Some of us who have been smitten may have come near to doing this ourselves, or may have done it.

Smitten to the heart by a sudden and overwhelming remorse, Hetty was speechless.

Everyone laughingly said that Goujet was smitten with Gervaise.

At this point a number of tea-trays were smitten resonantly "off."

Her other predictions had passed him by, but this one had smitten him.

And yet, and yet, and yet, her bodily infirmities were but the type and sign of how her soul was smitten.

David Rossi gave a start, as if an invisible hand had smitten him.

It was just as if the power of thought had been smitten out of me.

The smile was smitten away from the Bishop's face by this announcement.