Smock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Smock:

There is another ahead of him there, with the head of a scythe inside his smock.

Mist, a contraction of commission, signifying a shirt, smock or sheet.

"Quite right, Lorenzo," said Flamby, throwing her smock on to a stool.

He was dressed in a sort of smock that was much torn, and held in his hand a stout staff.

In 1873 the name was shortened to Smock and it so appears today.

Beers Smock and Smock are identical as grown at this Station.

Geary is said to be a seedling of Smock; on the Station grounds it ripens with it.

Truly, I know not, except you will wear a smock's upper coat.

There were sack races for the young men and smock races for the young women.

No man in Oxford market wore a smock that could be compared with his.